Almost Done

I’ve been “almost done” with my novel for a couple of months now. First there was the push to get it ready to send to agents. Then there was the (hallelujah!) chance to revise it with the help of an agent. Added 17,000 words to make it scarier, edgier, and deeper. Then I suggested fleshing out one more character, just to widen the suspect pool a little bit. My friends, especially those in the babysitting co-op, are beginning to wonder how long you can be “almost done” with something…especially if you work on it all the time. My husband wonders how long you can use being “almost done” as an excuse for putting off other things (painting the kids’ rooms, calling a handyman, vacuuming).

I keep telling them, “Give me one more week. I’m almost done.”

Is there a finish line? When is your work “really done?”

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2 Responses to Almost Done

  1. When the agent takes it from you for good. I think that after you flesh out this character, it will be done. Give it to her and let her sell it! Or we’ll pry it from your hands!!

  2. first you all force me to write all the way to the end…now you’re making me send it off? what kind of draconian writing group is this?

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