When Garden Gnomes Attack

or more correctly “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack” by the editor of Writers Digest, Chuck Sambuchino. My kids aren’t afraid of garden gnomes (yet) so I picked up this book at the Writers Conference. Language a little over their heads…but I’ve picked up valuable pieces of information including: “A gnome will use his decided size advantage to impale and immobilize you while the others attack en masse from nearby shrubbery.” I’m a little nervous about the gnome Tim gave me for my birthday…is he an advance scout?

In other book-related news, reading a great new book on story craft. Strictly speaking, it’s on screenwriting, but it’s extremely useful for novelists and (I think) would be entertaining for people who are interested in movies in general…why they work and why they don’t. “Save the Cat” by Blake Snyder. Available on Kindle, because that’s how I’m reading it.

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2 Responses to When Garden Gnomes Attack

  1. Next time I see your garden gnome, I’m moving him so he’s peeking into the window. If that don’t put the fear in you, nothing will. ^_^

  2. Sarah Warburton says:

    Have you seen the horror flick, “Gnomeo and Juliet?” I’m worried the kids are scarred for life.

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