When Life Throws Lemons at You

Earlier this week the mystery writer Sara Paretsky posted on Facebook about a “anti-fan” letter she’d received and I just heard from another friend that she’d gotten static back from a contest that she judged. I’m not much for self-help philosophies, but there are two things I do when someone out there does something rotten that brings me down.

1. Take a page from the book “You Can Be Happy No Matter What” (by R. Carlson of “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”) and try to remember that each person has their own world view that has very little to do with me. I didn’t inspire it and I can’t change it.

2. Make a donation to Doctors Without Borders (or another cause for good in the world). If the thing made me feel really rotten, I may dig through my house for stuff to donate to Goodwill or the food bank.

It’s always easier for some people to write a letter of complaint than a letter of compliment. I’m trying hard not to be that kind of person and not to let the negativity drag me down. (Although I’m not afraid to write a reasonable letter of complaint, I’m trying to balance each one with a letter of praise to someone who deserves it.)

What do you do when people suck?

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2 Responses to When Life Throws Lemons at You

  1. I shut myself away and watch some junk tv until I feel better. Or I go hang out with awesome people like yourself. ^_^

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