“Food-Shaped Food” Day 2


Now we’re back on track with the officially designated “Day One” of the meal plan you’ll get when you sign up for an e-newsletter at www.SpritelyLife.com in a week or so (after it’s out of the testing phase). Black Bean Soup and Cheese Quesadillas…yum!

This was “one of those days” which started with an early morning, in-person interview with Houston celebrity “Mattress Mack,” included a 3 hour trip to the pool with kids & friends, then a quick turnaround before trying my first local Jazzercise class, after which I arrived home about 20 minutes before my writing group showed up. 

Black Bean Soup and Quesadillas are the perfect choice for a time-crunch! The soup (adapted from a www.hungry-girl.com recipe) was simply combining items in the blender and then heating it up on the stove. The only chopping was half an onion (since I have a jar of pre-chopped garlic). The recipe gave the option of doing the Quesadillas in the microwave or oven. I used this instead:


Thank you again, Mr. Foreman.

How was the meal received? Well, I had made amazing Black Beans (not pureed) in the past, which reduced the children to heaving sobs broken by reproachful gasps about “black food.” No one cried into their Black Bean soup. In fact, my son (10 years old) proclaimed it “not bad” when eaten with tortilla chips. He also ate an inordinate amount of the quesadillas, and I was pleasantly surprised to see the kids and my husband enjoying the whole wheat tortillas without apparently even noticing they were different than the other kind. I skipped the quesadillas and had seconds on the soup, although I added quite a bit of lime juice, cilantro, and a dash of powdered chipotle chile. My daughter, who doesn’t like much, had her “brave taste” of soup and ate her quesadillas with hummus in them instead of cheese. My husband ate everything and seemed to enjoy it. And, since we did have some leftover soup, I served it up to my Writers’ Group alongside salsa, guacamole, and chips. They also gave it a thumbs-up. The next morning I made the happy discovery that the remaining serving of soup had thickened overnight, so I could eat it easily as a dip with apple slices. It would also have been delicious with red bell pepper. 


Best breakfast ever!

Overall, a success on every front–ease of creation, time from start to finish (under 20 min), initial reception, deliciousness of leftovers, and (of course) health/nutrition. Next up…Taco Night!

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