Food Shaped Food Day 3


Everyone was excited about “Taco Tuesday” (even on Wednesday). A side benefit of having children is the opportunity to outsource grunt labor. After determining that she was the chef and I the sous-chef, Jane (7 years old) set to work.


We asked Ben (10 years old) to deal with the ground turkey. He did get it into the skillet and broke it up with the spatula…then announced that he was done. Jane handled adding seasoning and water. Then we set out the spread and got to work.


The recipe was very close to our usual routine…with the addition of brown rice and homemade “refried” black beans. Jane did choose hummus for her tacos and we also used the leftover whole wheat tortillas. A healthy dinner that made everyone happy.


I put the leftovers into separate packets to use in salads, scrambled eggs, or Friday’s “leftovers pizza.”

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