Plan B


When following our meal plan from, I saw the directive “Read the recipe carefully before beginning.” I’ve seen
that same instruction at the beginning of many a knitting pattern.

Note I said I’ve “seen,” not “followed.” So the real surprise is that I reached day four on the meal plan before hitting the culinary equivalent of running out of the right color of yarn at the same time I realized I should have been increasing 2 stitches every 4 rounds since starting.
This Sausage and Pepper Pasta sounded good…but sadly a package of spicy Italian sausage  went missing somewhere between the grocery store and our kitchen. Luckily, we had leftover ground turkey with taco seasoning from the night before. Made the substitution and kept going.


Since it was a pasta dish, I put a pot of water on the stove and (when it came to a boil) dumped the pasta in…and only then did I read   “Add the uncooked pasta and the water to the skillet.”
Oh well. Once I accepted this recipe would be a do-over, we were free to eat and enjoy our delicious mistake.



We did the correct version at the end of last week (after finding the packet of sausage hidden under some kale. It was different, very different, from the improvised version, but equally delicious.


The sausage had a stronger kick and was in bigger chunks than the taco meat, cooking the pasta in the sauce made the pasta more flavorful, but the sauce thinner (although with ample flavor). Both versions got rave reviews.
The meal plan is available for free from…and my family found the recipes easy and tasty. Knowing they’re healthy is just a happy bonus.


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One Response to Plan B

  1. Nummy. 🙂 I recently did one of those “best I can manage on short notice” substitutions with a chicken and pasta soup. I really should write that one up and post it, because most of my family (minus one grouchy and travel-weary seven-year-old who wanted a sandwich instead) loved it, it was easy, and even picky kid eaters will enjoy its mild flavor and familiar ingredients.

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