Existing is Harder Than it Sounds

As advised by my Holistic Health Coach, Mary Curtis Powell at www.spritelylife.com, I have been giving meditation a try. She asked me when I had last spent any time just “existing,” and not only couldn’t I answer, I didn’t actually even understand the question until she talked me through it. (Apparently sleeping doesn’t count).

Daisy Just Existing

Daisy Just Existing

If existing means sitting somewhere without reading, knitting, talking, writing, list-making, sleeping, etc, it might be fair to say I haven’t done it in over a decade…at least. Even so, meditation produced a very strong “NO” response in my gut. Like, “that’s OK for some people, but it’s not for me.” Then Mary Curtis emailed me this link:

Link to Dan Harris on Meditation

It was a relief to listen to someone articulate everything that made me suspicious of meditation (and his reference to “30 Rock” gave him added credibility). And when the video was over, it’s hard not to feel that if Dan Harris can meditate, anyone can. Really. Not just for the dubious pleasure of existence, but also because anxiety, panic, and depression are part of my DNA.

Instead of “emptying the mind,” I’m attempting to bring my attention back to my breath over and over again…like bringing a dog to heel. Five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the evening.

One important lesson: shut the actual dog out of the room before beginning meditation. Otherwise she barks and growls. Hopefully Daisy will get used to seeing me “exist.”


Whatcha Doing? Everything OK?

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One Response to Existing is Harder Than it Sounds

  1. This is fantastic! I can’t believe you’re actually DOING it twice a day. You make a health coach proud :).

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