When to HALT! (and Why)

We’ve been trying a new technique over the last few months. I have to give credit to my mom for this one. Over the summer, she told me about a new technique she’s been using…and since then every single one of us (except the dog) is trying to identify when we need to HALT.

Halt? Is that anything like "Sit?" I know "Sit." Biscuit, please.

Halt? Is that anything like “Sit?” I know “Sit.”
Biscuit, please.

What does this mean? Sometimes conditions are just not right to have a serious discussion, make an important decision, or evaluate a situation. Think of it as emotional triage. If you were bleeding from a leg wound, you wouldn’t be concerned about the state of your pedicure. Granted, we’re usually talking about a much less extreme scale, but the principle still holds. First address the issue that keeps you from thinking clearly, then tackle the problem that requires critical thought.

When you feel your brain start spinning in place and your pulse racing, stop and assess…not the situation, but yourself. Are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired? Over the next few days, I’ll be looking at them one by one.

I'm just so hungry I can't think straight...

I’m just so hungry I can’t think straight…

H=Hungry Low blood sugar has a drastic effect on your mood, the clarity of your mental processes, and your perception of the world. Let’s face it, if you skip lunch, life is going to seem pretty grim by 5pm. Key word here is “seem.” Once you get some protein and carbs (and chocolate) back in your system, you’ll be a lot more clear headed.

so very very hungry

so very very hungry

The first time I saw the word “hangry” was in an article about the cast of True Blood, and I thought, “Where has this word been all my life?” There’s a natural correlation between feeling hungry and getting emotional. Hunger doesn’t always appear as a growling, ravenous beast in your belly. You may feel light-headed, dazed, irritable, or tired. Be alert to those signals…and give your body what it needs.

You'll share food with a hungry dog, won't you?

You’ll share food with a hungry dog, won’t you?

My “holistic health coach” (visit her at www.SpritelyLife.com) would also say that what you eat is just as important as if and when you eat. Making sure you give your body a regular supply of high quality protein, fruits and veg, and complex carbs isn’t just about being “healthy,” it’s about feeling good. She recommends hard boiled eggs or hummus and veggies as healthy protein snack boosts. And I’m a big fan of apples…extremely filling, good with hummus or peanut butter, and you can choose your favorites from sweet to tart. I’ve even heard that some people slice and salt their apple slices. More filling (and definitely healthier) than chips!

This is not an ideal food choice...

This is not an ideal food choice…

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2 Responses to When to HALT! (and Why)

  1. Mary Curtis Smart says:

    Great perspective, and really well written! I love the pictures of Daisy too :).

    Mary-Curtis Smart Powell Certified Holistic Health Coach Spritely Life LLC www. spritelylife.com

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