Back in the Day You Could Buy a Gift for Only a Nickel!

Or maybe $2.50. I still remember the thrill of getting a $5 gift certificate to Walden’s Bookstore and getting two paperbacks for it. Today your average mass market costs upwards of $7, unless you hit the used bookstore. Can you still find a cool gift for under $5?

I asked Jane (my 7-year-old daughter) for suggestions. Her list? Bouncy balls, notepads, stickers, helium balloons (I think you can still get them from the dollar store) pop rocks and lollipops, and those packets that have a mystery Lego mini-fig in them.

Ben (my 10-year-old son) goes for comic books, juicy drop pops, $5 gift cards to Target or Amazon, and the mystery Lego Mini-figs.

My husband likes chocolate, and you can find an interesting and delicious bar (usually 2) for under $5. Our newest favorites include Central Market’s White Chocolate with Blue Potato Chip and Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt.

I’m a fan of nice scented candles, new flavors of tea, and cool pens. You can’t always get a packet of pens for under $5, but you can usually find a single exciting one. Also quirky mugs or kitchen items like measuring spoons, vegetable scrubbers, or spatulas. This one clocks in at $4.99…pushing our price limit, but fun!


And a wonderful gift is always a donation of $5 (or more…they can use more!) to a cause like You’ll also be able to send an “honor card” with each donation.

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