Meals on the Run

This week I had to make my own meal plan, so I turned to a book that’s new (to me, anyway), Week in a Day by Rachael Ray.

Dog with a blog?

Dog with a blog?

I’m not currently in the habit of watching cooking shows (unless they’re cooking competitively. Love Top Chef!), but the basic premise of the book is right there in the title. As a bonus, the back of the book has a section promising “One Grocery Bag: Three Meals” and that’s where I turned for inspiration this week. Because honestly, tomato soup and cheese quesadillas one night and pizza Fridays and leftover nights pretty much fills out a full week. I went with the very first offering, Chicken Piccata, 10-Shalot Spaghetti with Kale, and Drunken Steaks with Peppery Oven Fries. Last night was the chicken. I didn’t have to split and butterfly the chicken, because Tim (our household’s designated grocery guy) picked up chicken tenders. I pounded them to thin them out a bit, seasoned them with salt and pepper, then dipped them in flour and browned them in olive oil. While they were warming in oven, I made a quick sauce with butter, lemon, capers, and white wine. yum!

just the chicken and lemon. I'm embarrassed to show you what I did to the asparagus

just the chicken and lemon. I’m embarrassed to show you what I did to the asparagus

Tim had also tracked down a packet of asparagus tips which I overcooked in a mere 3 minutes. With some leftover rice and a loaf of that no-knead bread, it was a delicious dinner. Jane was unhappy with the sauce, but she was at the end of a frustrating day (not helped when I kept explaining “regrouping” using “carry the one”). This was a simple, flavorful meal that would work well with pork cutlets, too.

week in a day

And when I explained to Ben what capers were (edible flower buds that give a salty, pickle-like taste to the dish), he said, “I thought I detected something besides lemon.” I appreciate him humoring me!

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  1. I totally want this recipe!

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