Questions on a Monday

Can I make a decent looking slipcover using the instructional course from Craftsy, although the “ninja pants made from a pillowcase” that I made for the kids fell apart after only a day?

Will I crack the secret to making a green soup as good as the orange soup using Thai Green Curry paste?

How many hours will it take to clean out my closet? Will I ever find out?

Which of the characters in my novel will a) die, b) go to jail, c) get off scot-free, or d) live an emotionally tortured and unfulfilled life?

Is today the day I officially break up with my gym and admit that I’m in an exclusive relationship with Jazzercise? (Doing the 30 classes in 31 days challenge starting today)

Hoping that next Monday all these questions will be answered…

Until then, a question and an answer for closure:

Q: What do you get when you cross a dyslexic and an agnostic?

A: Someone who doubts the existence of dog.


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