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We Believe in Jamie

That would be Jamie Oliver, author of cookbooks, school-lunch revolutionary, TedTalk giver, chef, restaurant-owner, husband & dad: Sure, he likes anchovies more than we do, but in general every recipe we’ve tried has been delicious. We were a little worried … Continue reading

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1+1=Pizza Dough

Today for Pizza & a Movie Night (or Pizza and a Basketball Game night, as Jane has a game at 8pm on a Friday!) we tried a recipe shared with me by my mom from It sounds crazy, but … Continue reading

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Cold Day Recipe

Today there were snowflakes throughout the air (although none on the ground) and it was so so so cold. Recipe: Spicy Cabbage Soup (Courtesy of Sona Tikidjian) from Soup for Syria  recipe available here and a pic of my secret guaranteed-to-warm-you-up ingredient … Continue reading

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Scandinavian Crime Fiction: 1st 5

Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Part One Let’s just start with five…because my list keeps getting longer and longer:  Roslund-Hellström-I literally started reading their crime novel Box 21 immediately after posting yesterday…and I’m almost done with it. Luckily, I have 2 more by … Continue reading

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Six Months of Scandinavian Crime Fiction

Since about June, I’ve been reading (almost exclusively) crime fiction from Sweden, Norway, and Denmark with occasional forays into Iceland, Holland, and surrounds. In the last month, I’ve been taking a break, reading a few things for book club, some … Continue reading

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Pizza & a Movie & a Spelling Bee

For the past several years we’ve been doing family “pizza & a movie night” on Fridays. Sometimes we make our own pizza, sometimes it’s frozen, sometimes we order out…and sometimes it’s Chinese food or a burger instead. It can be … Continue reading

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Soup, Glorious Soup

Another delicious recipe from Soup for Syria: Roasted Beet Soup. This was a challenge because Tim hates “beetroot.” My father actually hates beets, too, so I don’t remember ever having them as a child. I do remember feeding my younger sister pureed … Continue reading

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