Starting Things on a Saturday

Today was a good day to start things. We made our first sourdough starter. I used 1 c of rye flour and 1/2 c water to start, but then had doubts about whether or not our tap water is chlorinated. pause to google this

Turns out our tap water IS chlorinated, so I will remake that starter after this post…using distilled water. Fun fact: the same process that keeps icky things from growing in your tap water will keep the good yeast from growing in your sourdough starter (or so the internet tells me).

We also put the remains of last night’s chicken in the crockpot and are cooling the resulting stock now.


And, inspired by Michael Pollan’s Cooked we picked up some cabbage, apples, and daikon from the Blacksburg Farmers’ Market and have started our first fermentation project. Because we don’t have official sauerkraut jars, we’re using mason jars and weighting the whole thing down with beans or stones in “non-reactive material”…in our case, ziploc bags and smaller glass jars.

Of course the problem with all of these project is the delayed gratification. Thankfully, Jane decided to make John Besh’s Spice Cookies from My Family Table




8 minutes to bake is pretty close to instant gratification!


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