Chicken Soup for the World

When a virus finally catches up with you and leaves you achy  (and grumpy and dopey and sleepy and sneezy and less pleasant dwarves), chicken soup seems to be the answer around the world.

Tonight we made Chicken Soup with Freekeh (also called Ferik or frika). The recipe was contributed by Iman Sabbagh, the owner of Tayebat Iman, a small bakery in Lebanon. We found it in a book given to me by my mother for Christmas, Soup for Syria.


Order your copy here

Not only is it a fabulous cookbook containing recipes from some of my favorites–Mark Bittman, Alice Waters, Claudia Roden, Anthony Bourdain, and more–but it also contains gorgeous photos of Syrian refugees from the Bekaa Valley…and the book raises funds for help deliver food to the refugees. In the spirit of full disclosure, only a couple recipes involve chicken, but we’ll visit some of the others later.

Here’s Tim’s bowl of Chicken Soup with Freekah…low on broth:


No vegetables? I did serve roasted carrots & broccoli on the side!

The recipe was simple enough, as I made stock yesterday. Freekeh (roasted green wheat) was a new ingredient for me, but Bob’s Red Mill has bags of an organic freekeh and I found them at our local health store. That plus chicken and an onion are really the only solid ingredients after your stock. The kids ate it, my husband (not a fan of soup) ate the freekeh and the chicken, and no one complained at all about the new grain! We have plenty left, so it will definitely make another appearance in soup, or as a side dish, or a breakfast cereal.





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