Cheap, Easy, & Delicious

I thought Mark Bittman was a genius when I started cooking from his book, How to Cook Everything. I thought he was a visionary when I read VB8. And then I read the recipe that changed my life:

1 brown paper lunchbag + 3 T popcorn + microwave 3-4 min (listen for 2 second gap between popping) note: there is no oil, no butter, no cooking spray, no additives, nothing. And compare the cost of one brown paper bag and a handful of popcorn kernels to a single bag of prepackaged “microwave” popcorn).


Add your favorite flavors: good olive oil & salt, smoked paprika, cinnamon & brown sugar, whatever.


Toss and serve (or consume). YUM!


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4 Responses to Cheap, Easy, & Delicious

  1. I’m going to try this! We usually get a “healthy” brand of popcorn with butter flavor, and I like that it doesn’t have the same greasy feel and taste as movie theater popcorn (which feels toxic after about three handfuls) or some of the grocery store varieties. How does this do in terms of feeling healthy versus feeling like junk food? And does that depend on the brand of kernel?

    • sarahwarburtonwriter says:

      It passes the “Jane test.” She always wants it for snack and often requests seconds. What really makes the difference for me is splurging on the good olive oil. Just a tiny drizzle and it’s delicious. I will say the only time I’ve ever noticed a real difference in the popcorn itself was when we bought some organic popcorn from the Farmer’s Market. The difference was how fresh it was…just out of the field. Even the almost unpopped kernels were tender and had a fabulous flavor.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Love!!! Looking forward to reading a few of your recommended Scandinavian authors, as well. Really enjoying your posts, Sarah!!

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