Soup, Glorious Soup

Another delicious recipe from Soup for Syria: Roasted Beet Soup.

This was a challenge because Tim hates “beetroot.” My father actually hates beets, too, so I don’t remember ever having them as a child. I do remember feeding my younger sister pureed beet baby food (do they still make beet baby food? and liver?), but I thought beets for grownups were always pickled and disgusting.



Then when I was all grown-up–married and a homeowner and living in Albuquerque–I thought it was time to see what beets were all about. I wrapped some in foil and roasted them…and they tasted just like sweet summer corn. Since then I’ve made them from time to time (usually when Tim was out of town). The kids have had them as a side dish and diced on pasta, but this was their first beet soup as well. The flavor was similar to the pasta I make with onion and garlic and thyme and we added a dollop of plain yogurt.



Tim said, “Good soup. What it is?” which was high praise from man who loves neither soup nor beets. And I’ve saved the greens for my lunch tomorrow.



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One Response to Soup, Glorious Soup

  1. I have an excellent borscht recipe. It’s my favorite application of fresh beets! And the color — so amazing. Just like the flashlights in my hair. 😉

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