Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Two More

I don’t know where the last two weeks went, but I’ve still been reading and writing all the time. Since I’m writing so much (my own fiction), it seemed a good time to recommend good published novels by others. Here are two more in the ongoing Nordic Crime Fiction series…with two more to come tomorrow:


You can see two of Nesser’s books here: “Borkmann’s Point” and “Woman with Birthmark”


Swedish author Hakan Nesser’s Inspector Van Veeteren series. He won 1993 Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy Prize for New Authors, a prize for Best Novel in 94, and the Crime Writers of Scandinavia’s Glass Key Award in 99 “Mind’s Eye” is the first in this series, but I didn’t find that reading them out of order was confusing at all. I liked Van Veeteren and his colleagues are appealing and believable. Classic, old-school, detective novels. I have not yet read any in his most recent series starring Inspector Gunnar Barbarotti, a Swedish police inspector of Italian descent.


I love this cover!

Kristina Ohlsson, another prize-winning Swedish author (and alarmingly seven years younger than me) has been a political scientist who worked for the Swedish Security Service and served as a Counter Terrorism Officer. Her main character is an Investigative Analyst, Fredrika Bergman. As in the best crime series, the other members of her department are well-developed. In several places, I saw her Police Superintendent, Alex Recht, listed as a co-star of the series. Usually fast-paced with tons of psychological tension.


It was good weather for reading…

As I race to the end of the novel I’m writing (a scene a day until I’m done…so very close now), I will keep posting a Scandinavian author or two here as inspiration.

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until its done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”~Neil Gaiman

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